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The Simplest Possible Borsht

The ruby-red borscht is the elixir of youth and the taste is divine. The best part? If you have good quality ingredients, it is failproof.

Quick Carrot Cake

The carrot cake is delicious, has amazing structure, and it is very easy to make!

Image Attribution

I think it is very important to communicate the source of images, out of respect for those who own, have created and have made available the image, and also to give the readers the possibility to check the source. This posts explains what I do about it.

Two Types Of Primates

The difference between male and female skull sizes can give a lot of insight into gender relationships of a primates. It can give is interesting insights into the interactions between us, humans.

Three Dimensions of Intelligence

I extend the existing definition of intelligence into three dimensions: IQ, the vocabulary of patterns and the depth of thinking. This allows …