… on the other hand … except …

... it becomes obvious that what the Republicans need is a one-armed platform writer.

Multiple Scripps-Howard newspapers, U.S.A., 1936

Take advice from your family. They are wise and they are always on your side.
OTOH, remember that all the advice people give to others is the advice they would have given to the younger self. By advising you, they try to live your life as if it were theirs. Remember that your life is yours, and yours alone.
EXCEPT you can always try to get a second life when it is your time to give advice.

Follow the traditional path, it has stood the test of time.
OTOH, remember that, historically, marriage was mandatory for economic reasons and children were there to provide parents with social care when parents get old. In the first world, neither is any longer necessary, as the states take care of both functions. The suitcases have wheels, so you don’t need husbands to carry them. Great food is being cooked and delivered to your door, so you don’t need a wife to cook it for you.
EXCEPT genuine love and friendship is still not for sale.

Make sure that people around you understand you.
OTOH are you sure you understand them as much as you would like to be understood yourself?
EXCEPT liking and love come with no conditions, not even understanding; and nobody will take time to understand if there are no l’s.

You should never be with the person who does not love you.
OTOH sometimes you cannot do otherwise, and whatever you do it hurts more than death.
EXCEPT if you stay with them for 15 years, or you stay without them for 51 years, 9 months and 4 days they will fall for you and be yours till the end of times.

You should have friends and money, they are your safety line.
OTOH if you find yourself in a deep well, the only way to push yourself might be to let go of the safety line. Then the fear of death will give you the strength to get out.
EXCEPT you still might fall and die.

You should know everything, read all books, hear all wisdom to make sure you do not fool yourself.
OTOH you are still the easiest person to fool, as you can know everything and everybody but yourself.
EXCEPT you are a cat who only had 9 lives, but you have lived 100 lives already and you are still alive. The meaning of life is in live itself.
ALTHOUGH remember that there will be a day when you die; make sure you have lived enough before that.

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