Dressing Up Bell Peppers

This recipe is supersimple, and the result is a true rainbow of flavours: red/orange/yellow bell peppers add sweetness, natural yoghurt and kefir add freshness with acidity, dill adds grassy flavour and garlic salt gives a kick with its tingling flavour.

Proportions are not very strict, just chop as many bell peppers as you want, then add condiments until it’s lovely!

  • Salad bowl.
  • Bell peppers (as many as you want);
  • cr. 50-75g kefir or natural yoghurt per 1 bell pepper (can be more or less, keep adding until it is lovely).
  • dill to taste (branches only, discard the stalks);
  • garlic salt to taste.
  1. Deseed and chop bell peppers (I prefer Julienne chop, but it does not matter too much);
  2. Finely chop dill (branches only);
  3. Mix peppers and dill in a bowl;
  4. Keep adding kefir or yoghurt until it’s lovely;
  5. Add garlic salt to taste.

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