Why Does This Blog Exist?

I try not to blog unless what I am trying to convey could be interesting and cannot be found elsewhere.

The posts about art, and indeed this blog itself, owe their existence to La Fée Culturelle: after leaving a few rather lengthy comments, I thought I should probably write down properly what I was trying to say, and add a few images! Then, despite my best intentions, it started to grow…

What Is It About?

Museum Art

Many posts are about Museum Art. I am not interested in “look to your left, and now look to your right, this was created by an artist A in year Y, considered a typical example of style S, …” Instead, I attempt to find links between the art objects, what inspired them, and what these objects have inspired, link them to a wider context. This is akin to the deduction method of Sherlock Holmes, but applied to art rather than crimes solving. And this is about putting together facts-based stories and trying to make sense of them, rather than just listing the facts. Inevitably, the stories are about the past, but, as per the only episode of the Game of Thrones that I liked, it takes to know the stories of the past to be able to see the way into a better future:
'What unites people? ... Stories. There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story... He (Bran) is our memories, the keeper of all our stories... Who better to lead us into the future?'

Social Science

Indeed, one of the definitions of intelligence is the ability to tell, understand and recombine the stories. This definition comes from the paper “The Right Way”, penned by a prominent MIT professor Patrick Winston. It is mentioned in a post of this blog that belongs to Social Science category. The posts in this category have a very wide range of subjects – finance, diversity, intelligence, dating – but I try to make them all entertaining, facts-based and, hopefully, occasionally enlighting.


The third category is about the works of one of the greatest story teller of all times, William Shakespeare. I am a big fan of the Bard because of the universality of his works, and the very wide range of insightfully crafted human behaviour patterns that can be found in it. I struggle with the Olde English language (No Fear Shakespeare is very helpful). But these struggles are worthwhile because his way of conveying the finest details of the meaning by skillfully using the widest possible range of verbal techniques is truly beautiful.


Last but not least, I publish some Recipes because it is an easy way to bookmark them, to take notes when I adjust the original receipts (e.g. by changing the units or using different ingredients), to share them with friends and also to balance the abstract nature of the rest of the blog!


I have no professional knowledge of the subjects I write about, so please doubt, correct me if I am wrong, and leave your comments!

It is not meant to be taken too seriously, just something to read over a coffee.

English is my third language, and this shows. Please let me know if you find any such issues.

Have fun!


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